Kuwait Fire Service Stand at Avenues

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The Kuwait Fire Service has put up a stand at the Avenues Mall opposite the food court. They have some of their smaller vehicles on display as well as a lot of the equipment they use. The blown gas tank and burnt desktop caught my attention. Lots of informational handouts available too mostly on using [...]

Review: Pizza Express

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Its been a while since we ate at Pizza Express. In fact we had only eaten there once before when Amber introduced us to her favorite pizza place in Kuwait. Since we were at the Avenues and Ro was very hungry we decided to pop in for a quick meal. As usual the food court [...]

Review: Shanghai Express

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So you’ve been lugging 20 bags around the mall like a porter for your wife and the stomach is now blocking out all commands from the busy shopper. As you reach the food court the most prominent signboards are the Lebanse tree and Santoor. My stomach drags me towards a more Indianish Santoor but hold [...]

Review: Ruby Tuesday @ Avenues

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It was around 9.30 at night and Ro just got off (pretty late) from work. Now she was exhausted from working late and so was I from being made to unnecessarily slog at the office the whole day so we decided to eat out. The nearest place I could think of was the Avenues.  So [...]

I never noticed this before. I wonder who designed the stalls at the mens rest rooms at Avenues. A tampon disposal unit? If you’ve watched “She’s The Man”, you know they can be used to control nose bleeds  I’ve heard of a lotta fights breaking out at Avenues with a lot of bloody noses, so probably [...]

This is what the Dubai Festival City parking garage looks like. Not as large as Avenues perhaps, but look more closely at the picture above. Notice those little lights above the cars, they are all red. And the one above the empty spot, its green.  Now wouldn’t it be nice to have this in all [...]

Pizza Rustica @ The Avenues

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This is one of the best pizza’s I’ve eaten. Since Ro and I were at The Avenues and I’d read about this new pizza place on Mark’s blog [link], we decided to give it a try.  The service was super. We wanted to eat on the balcony (if thats what you can call it) facing [...]

Dim Lights in Basement

In: Kuwait

Love this sign. Too bad no one reads it while entering the parking lot at Avenues. Its real irritating. All these dumb-ass youngsters driving around the well-lit parking lots with headlights on full beam. “Take off those cheap sun glasses fool”. What is it with all these idiots wearing sun glasses in an underground parking [...]

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