Another tool I’ve been very interested in getting a hold on has been this Customer Model Visualization Tool. This tool is also a Partnersource exclusive like the Sure Step modeler. Found it on the same demo machine. Its a fantastic tool and very easy to copy off another machine. Grab the folder from the Programs [...]

Playing With Sure Step

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I’ve been trying to get a copy of this software for a while now. The local Microsoft partner wouldn’t give me a copy and its not available for download unless you have a partnersource login. However, I managed to get a hold of a demo machine (from Microsoft) with the software installed. I was hoping [...]

Installing Dynamics AX

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Well, with all this talk talk and more talk about Dynamics AX, I finally decided to sit in at an installation! And bot was it an install. This is one of the most complex installation applications I’ve seen from Microsoft. Even the Wizard was confusing! After the AX server is installed on your machine it [...]

Sure Step Enterprise

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This took me a while to scan and stitch together. Its rather long but it will give you a clear idea of how much detail goes into implementing an enterprise scale project! Click on the image for a larger view.

We are implementing Dynamics AX at the office and the Microsoft partners have been bragging a lot about the Sure Step Methodology that they use. Sure Step is basically a comprehensive guideline for project managers with PartnerSource companies. It provides a clear outline of all the milestones and tasks needed to successfully implement a project. [...]

VM Express – Update Error

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Here is a quick workaround to get your VM Express player up and running. Seems it tries to connect to the Internet for updates every time you open it. Now if there is a problem downloading that update, you will see the error above. Just disable your network card before you open the player and [...]

Recently I got the chance to evaluate Microsoft Dynamics. The demo toolkit however was delivered using the VM Express technology from Prowess [link]. In short, VM Express provides the framework and mechanism for deploying virtual machines. It also has options to deliver other content including documentation, videos, etc. Its a pretty neat concept. A nice [...]

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