Found a Key When I Read Manual

In: Fun Times

When I took delivery of our SUV a few months ago, the chap at the showroom gave me such a thorough explanation of the car features that I didn’t bother reading the manual. He handed me the key-less keys and I just drove off. Recently, I decided to glance quickly through the manual and to [...]

Disappearing Car Door

In: Technology

This is a wild idea!!! Haven’t seen any cars in Kuwait with these fancy doors! Have u?


In: Technology

This is a real cool way to move around. Though maybe not in Kuwait!!! The PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility) is designed for short trips beyond “walking distance”. That walking distance varies from person to person. Mine would be any place I can reach in 1 min or so, like from my flat to the [...]

Control your Car from an IPOD

In: Technology

Well, actually you can control it from anywhere over the Internet. This is just great!  This would be great in Kuwait cause we could start the car and switch on the air conditioning 5 mins before leaving the desk. Should be fun to randomly honk or turn up the music too!

Man Vs Lamborghini

In: Fun Times, News

Dude held onto a Lamborghini for 6 seconds. Damn, that guy is strong!!!

Old Model Cars in Kuwait

In: Kuwait

Love these old models. Some idiot parked  his 2008 model Altima in the same lot. Ruined a perfect shot of the cars.

How (NOT) to impress the police.

In: Fun Times

Guess this guy assumed he was in “neutral” instead of “park”. It happened a few times to me too. But no accidents luckily.

More Raw Paint Jobs

In: Kuwait

More and more people seem to like this raw non-glossy paint job. I like it too. Looks great in black or charcoal. A real attention grabber. Caught this one near my office.

Parking Lot Robberies in Kuwait

In: Kuwait, News

This email came by as a forward… “Yesterday i went shopping in fahaheel with my wife. Unimaginable things happened there in fahaheel parking. So i thought i can share this to every expatriates in kuwait to alert while going out. Actually we were in our car in centrepoint parking (behind centrepoint – near mosque) where [...]

Egyptian Crane

In: Fun Times

This is funny. Maybe they should have used the Egyptian Hulk [Link]

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