A Foldable City Car

In: Environment

When I came across the term “foldable car”, I was very intrigued. So I had to know more. Hiriko is a great little MIT pilot project which started in Spain. The aim is to build a bunch of tiny foldable electric cars which can shrink to a smaller size when parking (about half the length [...]

New Aston Martin Showroom

In: Kuwait, News

Looks like Aston Martin is setting up a new showroom in Al Rai. Its on the main road opposite Centerpoint. I recall there was a used car showroom in that building previously. And they had some sweet rides parked in the basement.

Honda Ridgeline – Avalanche Clone?

In: Kuwait

First impression when you look at this car is… Avalanche? Then you think, did I grow taller lately? Then you notice the Honda symbol! This thing looks exactly like a Chevrolet Avalanche but its much smaller. And since its Japanese you’ll probably get much better mileage.

Ye Old Ford Car

In: Kuwait

Don’t you just want to own one of these?

Dubai Lexus – I don’t Agree!

In: Fun Times

I noticed this on 2 separate occasions in the last 2 days. Both times in different vehicles and with different drivers. This was a Lexus jeep. Once we got in and were ready to roll, the screen popped up. Here is what it says: “Drive safely and obey traffic rules. Watching this screen while vehicle [...]

Racing into Kuwait City

In: Kuwait, Travel

Google Map I’ve been going up to Kuwait City every morning from Salmiya during various times ranging from 6.30 all the way to 12. Yes nice company, flexi timings. The traffic usually piles up near the 2nd ring road flyover but it could start all the way from the 5th ring road. I’ve tried various [...]

Kuwati Police – BMW + GMC

In: Kuwait

When I saw this ad for the Kuwait Police, the only thing that stuck on was BMW & GMC. Looked more like a mini ad for the two.

I need an Audi

In: Fun Times

After watching Transporter 3, especially this clip, I’ve got an urge to buy an Audi.

Benzz Park Hotel

In: Travel, Uncategorized

A hotel like this could become very popular in Kuwait. This is the Benzz Park hotel in Chennai. I thought my wife was joking about this place till I saw it for real. Just check out the restaurants and halls… Porsche Multicusine Restaurant Ferrari – The 24 hours Coffee Shop Lexus – Bar Rover Banquet [...]

Theif Caught by SMS

In: Fun Times, Technology

An Ohio man used a friend’s cell phone to get back his car, cell phone, and cash, all of which were stolen in a car jacking, according to a local TV report. Alan Heuss was sitting in his running BMW in Columbus on Wednesday when an armed man opened a passenger door, stuck a gun [...]

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