Hot Ass for Cold Cat

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

I know the title sounds a bit vulgar but its really funny! Was at McDonals (Shuwaikh Sultan Centre) for ice-cream Friday night and caught this on the way out. This cat must have been freezing. Right in front of the drive through window, this cat was warming up its backside on the halogen lights. And [...]

Simons Cat

In: Fun Times

Came across this on the net. Its a bit long but you must watch it all the way till the end. Very funny! Now I know why my wife doesn’t like cats. Some more below.

The Artful Dodger

In: Goa, Photography

This is the first creative type of photo I shot. This cat used to sneak into our garage to escape the hot and humid Goan climate. And leave muddy paw prints on our cars. It was one of the very few creatures that managed to dodge our dog’s attention (and jaws). I thought of the [...]

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