New Aston Martin Showroom

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Looks like Aston Martin is setting up a new showroom in Al Rai. Its on the main road opposite Centerpoint. I recall there was a used car showroom in that building previously. And they had some sweet rides parked in the basement.

Pillow with Speakers!!!

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I came across this pillow at Home Center. Its called the Sound Asleep pillow and has built-in speakers. You can plug your ipod or other music player to this before going to sleep! I know of a few people who only get sleep when music is playing in the background. But the way I see [...]

Looks like Home Centre is taking a few pointers from Ikea! They have installed these Self Service Stations all around the place with free pencils, shopping cards and that paper measuring tape. I like this new feature they have in place. The cards are nice and wide so you can write more on one line [...]

Home Centre – AED or KWD?

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Was just checking the home centre website. Even though I selected Kuwait as the region it still shows prices in Dirhams. Got a shock when I saw a discounted chair for 199/-.  Good thing it was in Dirhams!

Parking Lot Robberies in Kuwait

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This email came by as a forward… “Yesterday i went shopping in fahaheel with my wife. Unimaginable things happened there in fahaheel parking. So i thought i can share this to every expatriates in kuwait to alert while going out. Actually we were in our car in centrepoint parking (behind centrepoint – near mosque) where [...]

Hypnotising Centerpoint Logo

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If you guys see any Centerpoint vans (above), look away or keep your distance from it. This new branding on the vans is dangerous. Quite hypnotising during the last afternoon drive. And personally I prefered the previous logo.

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