Lifeguards in India

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On our last vacation in India we managed to visit the beaches at Goa as well as Chennai. There was a huge difference in the lifeguad / beach patrol services at both places. In Goa they patrol the beaches in jeeps equipped with surf boards and other life saving necessities. The lifeguards themselves wear sea-worthy [...]

Bomb Scare at Indian Airport

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I took the picture above at Chennai airport. This is at the section just after immigration. As you can see, everybody (except Ro and I) were crowding at one spot, all of them trying to get a glimpse of the bomb. Yes, there was a bomb alert, with a guy in full bomb disposal armor and 2 [...]

Traffic Cameras in Chennai

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Chennai seems to have installed traffic cameras at almost every traffic signal. I took this pic near the airport. Its a crooked pole (leaning against the fence) with 4 cameras installed. Quite a site to see! If you think people in Kuwait cross signals while they are Red, go to Chennai for a real shock. [...]

Michelle highly recommended Barbeque Nation so we decided to go out on a double date with her and Shyam. Its a very neat “Live-Grill” concept. We reached the restaurant around 7.30pm and were taken to our reserved table. We ordered our drinks and in a few mins one of the waiters came over, took away [...]

Benzz Park Hotel

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A hotel like this could become very popular in Kuwait. This is the Benzz Park hotel in Chennai. I thought my wife was joking about this place till I saw it for real. Just check out the restaurants and halls… Porsche Multicusine Restaurant Ferrari – The 24 hours Coffee Shop Lexus – Bar Rover Banquet [...]

Chennai Traffic

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These Chennai traffic cops got style! Check out the pose! Looks like he dancing.  The thing about the traffic in Chennai is that everybody drives crazy and I mean real crazy, especially my sister-in-law. There are cars, bikes, rickshaws, trucks and even people all over the road and the most amazing thing is that in [...]

Citi Centre Chennai

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I was pretty impressed when we visited Citi Centre in Chennai. Quite posh. I never expected to see anything like this in Chennai. There is a “Landmark” which is like the Virgin stores at Marina and another store similar to Center Point in Kuwait. In fact I think its the same since it looked very [...]

Mini Thali & Mini Coffee

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Decided to try a mini-thali for breakfast while in Madras. Yummy! The amazing part is this mini coffee that you get. Its really small.

While we were in Madras, we visited the Science and Technology Centre. We opted for the package that included everything.  First up was the Birla planetarium. My first visit to a planetarium. When you enter there is this “studded” missile aiming at you. Seems its the “Zeiss projector” that plots all the stars on the [...]

YST Logo Design

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Worked on part of this logo recently for the Youth service Team of Madras (now known as Chennai). Am working on their website now. Hope to have it ready and uploaded before I go on vacation.

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