Guard Dog

In: Goa, Photography

Or is it? Took this pic in Panjim. This mutt was just staring at me. Do I look like some terrorist when I’m unshaven? Love the brightly painted house.

Massage with a View

In: Fun Times, Goa, Photography

Our pet dog enjoys his frequent massages. Ro took this pic of my brother and myself were giving “shorty” his back massage while he gazes out the main door.

Simon’s Sister’s Dog

In: Fun Times

Thanks Jayne for this link. Simon’s Sister’s Dog has got his eye on one thing, and one thing only – food! And he doesn’t stop until he’s devoured every tit bit and scrap of dropped food from the Christmas dinner table and has reached bursting point. [Link]

The Artful Dodger

In: Goa, Photography

This is the first creative type of photo I shot. This cat used to sneak into our garage to escape the hot and humid Goan climate. And leave muddy paw prints on our cars. It was one of the very few creatures that managed to dodge our dog’s attention (and jaws). I thought of the [...]

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