At the RSA Conference last month in San Francisco, Taher Elgamal [link] was conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award–only the third recipient of the award since its inception in 2004. The chief security officer of Axway has more than 25 years of experience in the security industry, starting out as a cryptographic expert. Egypt-born Elgamal has been credited [...]

Breaking news!!! It seems that most flights from Kuwait to Kerala have been cancelled. All the airlines operating on that route have complained of a high percentage of no-shows at the airport. They have attributed this to the recent economic crisis. However, I found out the real reason. The Malloos all saw this sign board [...]

Egyptian Crane

In: Fun Times

This is funny. Maybe they should have used the Egyptian Hulk [Link]

So Iraq makes the battery and Egypt makes the bulbs. Nice!! This is just amazing stuff! Looks like our Egyptian buddies have a greater history than they know. They had light bulbs ages ago. Seems it was used to light up the insides of pyramids, caves, etc. Maybe they needed it for their disco parties! [...]

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