Web Pages in 3D

In: Technology

Came across this nice tool called Tilt today. It’s a Firefox plugin that generates 3D models of web pages so you can see how ugly your code is. Or rather how complicated. I ran it two sites and saw quite a difference between the older goan.name site and the latest kccrs.org one.

HTML5 – Flight of the Navigator

In: Technology

I didn’t take HTML 5 very seriously till I saw this video made by the Mozilla team. I still can’t believe its all in Javascript. That’s right it’s a video built from code. Even the music is built from code. Too bad it didn’t run in Firefox but it ran pretty well on Chrome.

Browser UI

In: Technology

The maximize button is my friend. Toolbars are my enemies. That’s the summary from this interesting article on Cnet which compares UI features in browsers. [link] I have to agree with them. I don’t like having any toolbars including that bookmarks toolbar visible all the time! I believe that browsers, as an application, should be invisible [...]

Gmail Security Flaw

In: News, Technology

In his post [Link], Brandon writes that the vulnerability has caused some people to lose their domain names registered through GoDaddy.com. Without posting the full exploit, here is the key as Brandon explains it relies on obtaining the variables that represent the user name and “at”: When you create a filter in your Gmail account, [...]

SAGE – Blog Tool for FireFox

In: Technology

Found this real nice RSS (and Atom) reader for FireFox. I’ve been using it for a week now and its very simple to use. Click the Magnify icon to search for feeds. Cick the Refresh icon to find out whats updated. It shows a summary within the browser. But mind you it will use the [...]

Sabre POS – hacking MySabre

In: Technology, Work

Was going over some of my great hacking achievements over the past few years at SWITCH. One of the best was creating the Sabre POS for travel agents. MySabre from Sabre is a 100% web-based application for travel agents to book airline tickets, hotels, cars, etc. Sabre said their app would only work in IE [...]

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