Chocolate Printer Anyone?

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Came across this article through Bayt & Creativity Online. This could be the best ever invention of all time. Design your own chocolate and then print it. No more struggling with cones and other baking paraphernalia. I love the concept of 3d printers and using chocolate is just genius.

Yeah! That’s how its served. All dishes in a big steel thingy and we all sit on them cushions on the floor. The place isn’t that fancy looking but it was highly recommended for authentic Omani food. Amazingly each family gets their own room to eat in. We kept the meal simple. We ordered a hommus, Marak [...]

Review: Ruby Tuesday @ Avenues

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It was around 9.30 at night and Ro just got off (pretty late) from work. Now she was exhausted from working late and so was I from being made to unnecessarily slog at the office the whole day so we decided to eat out. The nearest place I could think of was the Avenues.  So [...]

The KDD Softee

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Note to self: Order this instead of lunch, not after lunch. I used to have a lot of KDD mixed softees (vanilla and chocolate) usually at their Shuwaikh outlet. Love that extra crunchy cone too. At their city outlet which is just next door, I’ve only been trying out the ice cream bars usually after [...]

Review: Oriental Restaurant

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  It was late and we were hungry so we decided to pick one of our favourite restaurants in Salmiya… Oriental. We eat there pretty often and its time I put a review up. There is usually a nice guy at the door with a big turban and an even bigger smile. They do have [...]

Simran’s Aappa Kadai

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If you are in Dubai and in the mood for some great south Indian food, you must try out Simran’s Aappa Kadai. Tony and Tharani took us there for dinner. The place is in Karama opposite the Lulu Shopping Center. [Link] The food is great. I ordered a sweet Lassi in advance to cool down [...]

Viva-Panjim – Spicy!

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Mike took us for lunch today to Viva Panjim. It’s a nice little restaurant set in an old Portuguese style house. Very friendly service and great Goan food. It’s the first time I’ve tasted Fish Lollipops. I must say that their Pomfret curry rice was a tad bit spicy for me. The prawn and kingfish [...]

Pofak Painting

In: Fun Times

That is some skill. Thanks Surekha for the link.

Home Made Sushi

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Seems there is a new delivery service for home-made Sushi in Kuwait [link]. I might try them one of these days. I haven’t had Japanese food in a while but was looking thru my photo archive and found these snaps of Sushi I prepared at home. It was about a year ago I think. All [...]

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