Google Error 502

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This is very strange. For the last 5 minutes I’ve been getting this error on IE and FireFox when accessing the Google homepage. But it seems to work just fine in Chrome! Looks like Chrome users are directed to different server and hence the experience is always faster.

HTML5 – Flight of the Navigator

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I didn’t take HTML 5 very seriously till I saw this video made by the Mozilla team. I still can’t believe its all in Javascript. That’s right it’s a video built from code. Even the music is built from code. Too bad it didn’t run in Firefox but it ran pretty well on Chrome.

Android Virtual Devices

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A few months back I upgraded one of my experimental applications to work with touch devices like the iPad and iPhone. I’ve been in the mood to experiment some more with development for touch devices, in particular Android devices.  There are quite a few hardware devices out there, Galaxy Tab being the most popular …in [...]

Google’s Periodic Table of APIs

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This table is a very interesting depiction of Google’s developer APIs. Just like the periodic table from chemistry. And looking at some of the individual elements, we have Android representing Hydrogen, Transit Feed representing Oxygen and Double Click for Publishers representing my all time favorite chemical element … Plum Bum (aka Lead).

Came across this funny comparison of organization charts in various technology companies. Amazon seems pretty old fashioned. Google seems very matrix. Facebook … well I don’t know what to make of it. And Microsoft …well that explains why there is a popup for new security updates every 2-3 days.

Came across this pic on All Things D. Just 2 days ago when I decided to try out Google+ I got the message that it was under testing with limited invites. And then in about 20 mins I got an invite and went ahead to invite most of my contacts and today it looks like [...]

I came across this interesting site… 20 Things I Learned About Browsers And The Web. It seems to be a self-advertising showcase for Google’s Chrome browser but I really like the presentation. I think all “so called” IT folk (especially the non-cloud, non-open-source types) should read through this online book to get a basic idea [...]

Looking Back at the Blog

In: Technology

I just realized that it’s been almost a year since I started this blog. 469 posts in the last year and  I managed to stick to my target of a minimum of one post everyday! Here are some interesting stats I pulled off Google analytics. Over the last 6 months, page views have doubled. This is good [...]

FastFlip on GoogleLabs

In: Technology

I like this FastFlip tool a lot. Its got a great dashboard and its incredibly fast. This would be great a blog reader.

Google AdSense Sucks!

In: Technology

Well I’ve decided to remove the ads totally from my blog, for now at least! I had google’s AdSense running all this while till they decided to “disable” my adsense account without a proper reaons. Here is the email they sent me: “While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense account has posed a [...]

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