Zain Exhibition

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Well, to be honest, I only went there to check out the water bottle wall. Saw it on Chikapappi’s blog. [link] The exhibition was at Mishref Fair grounds and was mainly for all Zain partners to showcase their wares. There were a lot of offers at every stall but overall it was the same stuff [...]

Control your Car from an IPOD

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Well, actually you can control it from anywhere over the Internet. This is just great!  This would be great in Kuwait cause we could start the car and switch on the air conditioning 5 mins before leaving the desk. Should be fun to randomly honk or turn up the music too!

History of the Internet

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Found this on Adrenalinefix.  Its interesting to note how the internet basically evolved from Americ’s fear of being attacked first by Russia and then by Cuba!!!

The internet seems slow today. Two of the undersea cables severed and repaired earlier this year have been cut again, disrupting internet access and phone service between the Middle East, Europe, and parts of Asia. An additional third cable is down in the same region. The cuts are causing traffic to be re-routed through the [...]

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