Knight Rider – GT500KR

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Was watching the latest episode of Knight Rider online when I noticed the GT500KR label appear a few times. Looks like ford is using subliminal advertising to push their Shelby GT500. Hadn’t noticed it before. Maybe caz the net is so slow today. Has anyone in Kuwait got one of these babies?

Found this while on youtube. The guy who put this together must be a real fan. Great job! Add Air Wolf in there and we’ll have a real fast show. Add the A-Team and I’ll never take my eyes off the screen

TV – Knight Rider 2008

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I’ve been watching the new Knight Rider 2008 [link]. I was very excited to see one of my favourite childhood TV shows being continued. The pilot episode was quite nice but the following episodes were not too exciting. I think the Ford Mustang was a pretty good choice. Nice little muscle car. What I don’t [...]

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