Dust Storm Inside Kuwait Airport

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Today afternoon we had quite the dust storm. Strong winds and very low visibility. I went to the airport in the evening and it was insane. Almost all the airport staff were wearing dust masks. There was a light dust cloud inside the airport. Even in the restaurants! It was quite suffocating. I’ve never seen [...]

Movable Speed Cameras

In: Kuwait

Saw this jeep parked on the pavement on my way to the airport today. Seems it’s a new speed camera and the Ministry has advertised all over it. There was a little red triangle sign marked with “Speed Camera Ahead” a few meters away too. Unlike the regular cameras, these can be moved easily and its [...]

New Aston Martin Showroom

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Looks like Aston Martin is setting up a new showroom in Al Rai. Its on the main road opposite Centerpoint. I recall there was a used car showroom in that building previously. And they had some sweet rides parked in the basement.

Mobile Dental Clinic

In: Kuwait

That’s a dental clinic on wheels. How does this work? Do they bring the clinic to your door step? For a country the size of Kuwait and with so many clinics all over the place, I would never expect to see a dental clinic on wheels.

Pillow with Speakers!!!

In: Kuwait

I came across this pillow at Home Center. Its called the Sound Asleep pillow and has built-in speakers. You can plug your ipod or other music player to this before going to sleep! I know of a few people who only get sleep when music is playing in the background. But the way I see [...]

Now the kitchen is my basically my wife’s domain. I’m in and out pretty quick and stick to using the microwave mostly. Even so I’d like to share the some pointers. 1) Make sure your kitchen window faces the world! I’ve seen a lot of new buildings where the kitchen window faces some dark ventilation shaft. [...]

Windows and doors seems like such common place items in everyday life, but when it comes to choosing your flat, here are a few things you might want to know: 1) Insulated Double Glass windows. I bet your thinking… HUH!?! That’s what I said when I first heard about it. To make the best of [...]

A lot of people are satisfied to just have a flat. However there are a lot of things you need to know about flats in Kuwait. I’m sure there are a ton of things I still don’t know about flats but I’m putting down whatever comes to mind here. 1) Air conditioning is not a luxury in [...]

Taps: Hot is Cold and Vice Versa

In: Kuwait

I was thinking about this a while back. For most part of the year in Kuwait, if you turn on the tap labelled “Cold”, the water is usually pretty hot. Reason being that the water comes from the tanks above the building and those are exposed to our 45 to 55 degree climate, thus keeping [...]

History of a Car in Kuwait

In: Kuwait

This is an interesting short video on the life of a car in Kuwait. From being pimped up to being smashed up. Found it on YouTube this morning! Rayboy, Mathai and Grey have all recently blogged about car accidents.

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