Building a Computer with Legos

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Came across this article on CNET where an Apple engineer recreated the oldest scientific Computer (known as The Antikythera Mechanism) using Legos. This device can precisely calculate the next solar eclipse (among other things I presume). Isn’t that something!


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This is awesome. A very smart job! Its a 6.5Kg heavy duty LEGO NXT SAFE with 30 Liter storage space inside. The code lock accepts 5 numbers by changing the rotation direction of the wheel. Only after entering the correct combination of numbers, the door will open.  Remembered a post about a LEGO World being [...]


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Played my first ever game of Scrabble yesterday. Took about 2.5 hours and ended in a draw! Ro and I were getting bored of UNO. So we went around looking for some board games. Too bad there isn’t a Kids ‘R’ Us anymore in Kuwait. Checked out those toy shops in Sharq, the ones in [...]

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