Windows 7 Sins

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Very interesting site and a must read for all. [link]

Touch Books coming soon

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Always Innovating’s Touch Book is yet another Netbook, but it’s got a cool detachable (and optional) keyboard, and a magnetic mount for sticking onto a refrigerator. The product will run a Linux OS, and it’s the first Netbook based on an ARM CPU, not the typical Atom found in most Netbooks. He says users can [...]

Back in Dubai for a very busy 2 days. Took the Emirates flight. Now this happens too often to me, but usually with touch screen kiosks. I managed to reboot ICE, which is the in-flight entertainment system on Emirates. Looks like some kind of thin-client application and it took about 5 minutes to download to [...]

Matrix moves to Ubuntu

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Found this post on Project CYAN [link]. This is a real funny. I’m sure all the pro-linux geeks will enjoy.

Sabre POS – hacking MySabre

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Was going over some of my great hacking achievements over the past few years at SWITCH. One of the best was creating the Sabre POS for travel agents. MySabre from Sabre is a 100% web-based application for travel agents to book airline tickets, hotels, cars, etc. Sabre said their app would only work in IE [...]

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