After 7 years of good service, my curved Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard started malfunctioning. Since that model is outdated I started researching some newer ones and came across Vertical Keyboards. The one in the picture above is from SafeType. They have a great video about the problems you get from using normal keyboards. I feel everyone [...]

Microsoft Operations Framework

In: Technology

The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) is a very interesting offering from Microsoft. Basically its a free guideline on how to manage the IT service life-cycle … a Microsoft version of ITIL for MS products. I gave it a quick look over and it does seem to cover everything ITIL does but in its own way. Too bad [...]

Came across this funny comparison of organization charts in various technology companies. Amazon seems pretty old fashioned. Google seems very matrix. Facebook … well I don’t know what to make of it. And Microsoft …well that explains why there is a popup for new security updates every 2-3 days.

Since yesterday I’ve been making changes to an application running on an Access Database. Its not my code so its going to take a lot more time to figure out what I need to change than to make the actual changes. With no process documentation and conflicting feedback from the users, its turning into one [...]

Visual Search from Bing

In: Travel Technology

For travel sites a VisualSearch option would be great! But from what I’ve seen of Bing’s Visual Search, its more of an index to start your search from. There are a host of issues I found with this new feature: It takes a while to load so its easy to get bored. Image rendering is [...]

Another tool I’ve been very interested in getting a hold on has been this Customer Model Visualization Tool. This tool is also a Partnersource exclusive like the Sure Step modeler. Found it on the same demo machine. Its a fantastic tool and very easy to copy off another machine. Grab the folder from the Programs [...]

Playing With Sure Step

In: Technology

I’ve been trying to get a copy of this software for a while now. The local Microsoft partner wouldn’t give me a copy and its not available for download unless you have a partnersource login. However, I managed to get a hold of a demo machine (from Microsoft) with the software installed. I was hoping [...]

Windows XP Fundamentals

In: Technology

Till yesterday, I had no idea this software existed. And neither did our Volume License administrator. And not even the Microsoft partners. I was planning to blog about the E-learning courses from Microsoft when I checked for some info on Wikipedia and came across this software which all volume licensing customers have access to. Windows Fundamentals [...]

This is one of the worst and slowest download managers I’ve ever seen. I decided to download the latest AX VM – Refresh 2 and since the files were a little big (19 files of 700mb each) it automatically popped up this file transfer manager. Even if you select to download 2 files at once, [...]

Fluent User Interface

In: Technology

I’ve only started using the Office 2007 suite recently and after wasting a considerable amount of time digging around the “ribbon” menu system, I decided to take a course on this topic. The fist course I took was on the “Fluent User Interface”. Not sure why its called Fluent but the Ribbon is just one [...]

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