Chasing Dolphins in Oman

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One of the main tourist attractions in Oman is the dolphin chase. For 15 Riyal, you can board a boat at Marina Bandar and they will take you on a 2.5hr trip along the coastline. Be sure you get onto one of the bigger boats caz we got onto one of the smaller ones and [...]

Nakhl Fort & Hot Spring – Oman

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One of places we visited in Oman was Nakhl. Nakhl is known for its hot spring and a big fort. Its roughly a 1 hour 15 min drive from Muscat. Once you reach the Nakhl village its like driving through the narrow twisting roads in Goa along Calangute and Anjuna! The hot spring was a little [...]

Yeah! That’s how its served. All dishes in a big steel thingy and we all sit on them cushions on the floor. The place isn’t that fancy looking but it was highly recommended for authentic Omani food. Amazingly each family gets their own room to eat in. We kept the meal simple. We ordered a hommus, Marak [...]

Perfume Lab

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I just had to take a pic of this. These are shelves full of various perfumes. It looks like some kind of crazy laboratory but these are some great Oud perfumes. Eventually, after sampling a dozen of them, we lost all sense of smell caz all we got were the distinct Oud flavours. This shop [...]

The Muttrah Corniche in Oman

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Last night Ro and I decided to check out the Corniche and Old Souk at Muttrah. The Corniche is very well maintained, well lit and they have quite a few fountains all over the place. You will also notice quite a few “fort” towers on the rocky hills all around! They even have their very [...]

Off to Muscat

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Just two days ago, Ro and I realised that we were gonna spend a long 4 day weekend in Kuwait! With very little time to apply for visas, we could only pick from a handful of countries where we could get a visa on arrival. Of the lot, Dubai and Oman were at the top [...]

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