Open Source Weapons

In: Technology

All you techies out there, watch this and think about it! And for all you fools who take open source lightly, think again.

Ro needed some sound editing for a Christmas tableau her team is working on. Some overlaying, some cropping, noise reduction and other magic. Audacity is the best software I’m aware of that’s free, easy to use and gets the job done. There is a 1.3.12 Beta version which I’ve found quite stable actually. It supports [...]

Extending Your VMWare Disk

In: Technology

I was downloading a ton of files on one of my virtual machines when I noticed that it started to run out of disk space. Now this was the first time I had this issue with a virtual machine so I did a little digging on google. The solution is pretty easy but its a [...]

Sixth Sense

In: Technology

Got this link via Bashar’s blog [Link]. Its just amazing, the future is not so far anymore. TED is sharing its video collection. Beats paying $6000 to attend.

NASA Turns to Open-Source

In: Technology

According to Alonso Vera, the lead of the Ames Human-Computer Interaction Group, the single, universally accessible PRACA package is replacing a set of more than 40 different database systems that had been used over the past 30 years by the many different parts of that Shuttle ecosystem. And, like a related database system known as [...]

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