I found this very interesting chart on global airline traffic at Amadeus. It’s based on a study between airconomy and Amadeus. I’m not surprised to see the 13.4% increase in air travel between Asian countries and the Middle East. Looks like Qatar Airways and Emirates are the key players boosting air traffic to/from and via [...]

Suits Look Better on Eagles

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These eagle headed mannequins are pretty intimidating. Suits look great on them but for some reason those piercing eagle eyes just make me wanna go in there and give the ol bird a good punch in the face. Caught the above at the Stefano Ricci showroom at Pearl Qatar.

Hanging Gardens of Qatar

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Saw this nice “hanging garden” at the Oryx Rotana in Doha today. It looked amazing. A huge floating flower pot. Well it wasn’t actually floating, it just looked that way. There were two steel cables from the adjacent pillars that kept it suspended.

Starting today, all passengers travelling to or via Qatar will need to follow the new arrival and transfer guide. It’s high time the Doha International Airport got organised. I’ve been through that terminal quite a few times already and the long queues and crowd of confused people going through to transfers hasn’t improved. The rather [...]

Cruise Ship Hotels

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Or cruise ship shaped hotels? At first glance the above Queen Elizabeth “cruise ship” looks pretty real. But its actually a Turkish hotel in the shape of a huge cruise ship. I came across it recently. Interestingly enough, it seems Qatar will be using real cruise ships to accommodate a lot of its guests for the 2022 [...]

How things work in the Gulf

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This is from Smile O Smile UAE SYSTEM: You have two cows. You create a website for them and advertise them in all magazines. You create a Cow City or Milk Town for them. You sell off their milk before the cows have even been milked to both legitimate and shady investors who hope to [...]

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