Sabre Red App Centre

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Came across the Sabre Red App Centre today. I think it’s a great move for Sabre and hope they move to a more open source approach to enable more developers to code great apps. The site currently has very basic info and the “contact us” option on the Dev Centre page has no link so [...]

Well they aren’t really that new. But Sabre deactivated the old web service URLs and sent out the new list labelled as CERT, TSTS, DEV & PROD. Now if any average developer looked at this list, they would assume that DEV was meant for them, CERT for certification, TSTS for testing and PROD for live [...]

Sabre’s New Red Dress

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So everyone who uses MySabre has probably heard of Sabre Red by now. Many have already migrated to it. But why is there so much fuss about it now? This is more or less the app I developed 5 years ago (which was never appreciated by Sabre then). Sabre called up a while back and [...]

Looking Back at the Blog

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I just realized that it’s been almost a year since I started this blog. 469 posts in the last year and  I managed to stick to my target of a minimum of one post everyday! Here are some interesting stats I pulled off Google analytics. Over the last 6 months, page views have doubled. This is good [...]

Inspite of Sabre trimming down their MySabre interface, a lot of people still prefer to use a terminal only type POS. I’ve now added the lean Sabre POS terminal to the Agent Tools utility. You can access it by clicking on the Sabre POS menu link.

Well a lot of people seem to have a problem setting up MySabre to run on 64-bit machines and especially under Vista or the newer flavours of Windows. Just last week I had to setup MySabre on a 64-bit Windows 2008 server and the response I got from the Sabre Helpdesk was no-way, it won’t [...]

Sabre’s DevStream

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I just got an invite from Sabre to join their new community site for developers. I must say I’m impressed with this move. Hopefully this will give me easier access to their development team. I like the layout and simplicity of this site. Its got a few focused groups and a QnA section. Also like the [...]

So, now your thinking, is that a Mac or is this some kind of Photoshop trick!!!  Yes, its a Mac, its OSX 10.4 and that is MySabre working perfectly in FireFox! It does look shitty especailly that big urgly yellow area that chops off the right side of your terminal!  I decided it was time [...]

Since the launch of Agent Tools [link] a few days back, a majority of the feedback received was to change the format of the Itinerary and ETickets. Well, its done now! It’s now got a cleaner look and agents seemed thrilled with it. A big thanks to all the agents in Kuwait and Dubai for [...]

After a recent query on running MySabre on a Mac I decided to give it a try. There are two basic steps to get Sabre running on any machine. Step one is the VPN connection. Step 2 is to get MySabre running. First I got a copy of the OSX version of Sabre’s VPN software. [...]

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