Pumping Concrete Across the Road

In: Kuwait

I would guess that running a concrete pump from across the road would be pretty unsafe and very dangerous! If one of those pipes break, that’s a lot of concrete dropping over the cars passing by below. On the plus side, doing it this way reduces the usual traffic congestion caused by the combination of [...]

Giants on the Balcony

In: Kuwait

I woke up pretty early today morning and when I glanced out the window, in my half-sleepy mood, I got a shock looking at my neighbors balcony. You would too if you saw 5 giants staring back at you. Seems it is just the picture on the curtain they hung up. It’s a nice idea [...]

Tall Cake For No Ribs @ Ruby’s

In: Food, Kuwait

So we were in the mood for ribs. And since Ruby Tuesday is our favorite “ribs” joint, off we went. After placing our order, they came back explaining that their ribs got over during the afternoon service and none were left for us. Not sure if it’s their policy or it was the sad face [...]

Review: Taal – Indian Cuisine

In: Food

Ate at Taal recently with friends. Was planning to go there for a while now but it never happened. The place is richly decorated. Very posh Indian setup. Colorful bangles around the grills and beautiful custom-made chandeliers imported from Jaipur. The food was amazing too. The flavours were excellent and although we ordered spicy food, [...]

Shitty Mushrooms?

In: Fun Times

At first glance I read this as “Shitty Mushroom”! But “Shitic Mashroom” sounds just as bad I guess.

Pets for Sale in Salmiya

In: Kuwait, Photography

“STOP Nice and cute pets are inside the car For Sale!” That’s what those signages pasted all around that car advertised! There were like 7 dogs and a cat for sale in that jeep. Most of them were staring back at my wife who was staring in. But she was only admiring the lazy one [...]

Easiest Way to Move

In: Kuwait

Was observing these chaps lift up that pre-fab cabin from this construction site. It took them about half an hour to setup the crane, lift the cabin onto a trailer and clear the area! If we all lived in prefab cabins, moving would be dead easy. Then again, its a prefab!

Horse Riding at Home

In: Kuwait

I saw this in the window at the Panasonic showroom in Souk Salmiya. If you fee like horse-riding at home, this is just the thing to pick up.

Mathai and Grey have already posted about the meet on their blogs! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it for this meet but I did. It was real nice to put a face to all these online aliases. There was Grey with wife and AJ, Mathai with no wife and no [...]

Summer Club – Cultural Day

In: Kuwait, News

Last Friday I attended the Cultural Day event of the Summer Club at Don Bosco’s. It was a great show with all the students putting up some dance or skit or show to entertain us. Even the coordinators had their own dance at the end. There was a snack break too during which a live [...]

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