Ghost Busters Kuwait

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This “Ghost Busters” van was parked outside a garage in Sharq. Quite a site to see in Kuwait. Wonder if they get any business. The only haunted house I’ve heard of in Kuwait is one that existed along the 30 in Salmiya. Anyone care to share their ghostly experiences?

Pillow with Speakers!!!

In: Kuwait

I came across this pillow at Home Center. Its called the Sound Asleep pillow and has built-in speakers. You can plug your ipod or other music player to this before going to sleep! I know of a few people who only get sleep when music is playing in the background. But the way I see [...]

Reading While Driving

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

Noticed this on my way to work. This guy was reading the paper while driving. The paper was all the way across the front of the wheel!!! (not too clear in the photo) Must be driving the new KITT (Knight Rider).

Casper & Gambini’s Lunch Box

In: Food, Kuwait

Just the day before I posted about a lunchbox I ordered. Today I ordered one from Casper and Gambinis. Its been a while since I ordered their lunch box meal and I must say they have improved the packing for one thing. It used to come in a big white box previously. The meal is [...]

A Lunch Box from LunchBox

In: Food, Kuwait

Since one of my collegues kept bragging about Lunch Box, I decided to try it out. They deliver pretty fast if you are in Sharq. The packing is great, attractive and the meal is tasty. However the quantity is very less. Looks like its for people on a diet! The lunch box comes with a [...]

Looks like Home Centre is taking a few pointers from Ikea! They have installed these Self Service Stations all around the place with free pencils, shopping cards and that paper measuring tape. I like this new feature they have in place. The cards are nice and wide so you can write more on one line [...]

Car Fire at Sharq

In: Kuwait, News

Took these snaps on my way to lunch. A car caught on fire. There was thick black smoke spewing out of a car and once the fire engine got there, it turned white and spread all around. The show was over in 5 mins and all the crowds and fire engines disappeared.

Big Crash at Al-Dhow Tower Circle

In: Kuwait

The freak dust storm we had yesterday seemed to have caused a big hoarding to crash onto the circle by the Al-Dhow tower in Sharq. Caught this on my way home. Lots of cops and workers with gas tanks chopping away but no cars seen damaged.

The Professional Car Wash

In: Kuwait

This is a followup to yesterday’s post on the car wash. Just thought I’d mention these folks in Sharq. They are located opposite the Alghanim garage [link]. I usually get my car washed here. The main reason is because they are very fast. This is an area with a lot of car wash centers and [...]

Ye Old Ford Car

In: Kuwait

Don’t you just want to own one of these?

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