Souk Sharq Gate

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I like these traditional Kuwaiti mud walls / gates. Souk Sharq put these up for Hala February. And no, they are not made from mud, they just look like it. Can see the changing skyline of Kuwait in the background.

Souk Sharq Donts

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Lets see if I understand these symbols correctly: 1) No marching with roller skates on and a muffler/shawl round your neck. 2) No threesomes. 3) No wolf/wild animal allowed in 4) Don’t use bicycles with two seats and no handlebar. 5) Don’t stand on the trolleys  6) No smoking. I must have got at least [...]

Microsoft Surface in Kuwait

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After reading this, all you techies are gonna leave what you are doing and run to Souk Sharq to check this out. I just got back from lunch and playing with a “Surface”. This gadget is barely noticeable but its in opposite the complicate clock thingy in the center of Souk Sharq, a little black [...]

Souk Sharq Celebrations

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Seems Souk Sharq is celebrating their 10th year anniversary. The lighting was awesome. Was leaving my office when all those search lights caught my attention. Just had to take the longer route home via Gulf Road to check it out.


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Played my first ever game of Scrabble yesterday. Took about 2.5 hours and ended in a draw! Ro and I were getting bored of UNO. So we went around looking for some board games. Too bad there isn’t a Kids ‘R’ Us anymore in Kuwait. Checked out those toy shops in Sharq, the ones in [...]

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