Kandyan Ves Dancers

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Ro and I stepped into this hotel for dinner and since it was Wedding Season in Sri Lanka, the hallway at one point was blocked for the wedding procession. And the procession was led by “Ves” dancers. Seems its a tradition at most weddings to hire “Ves” dancers. These guys are amazing. They wear about [...]

Our tour guide took us to the famous Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens at Kandy in Sri Lanka. The garden was very nicely laid out with lots of interesting species of trees, herbs and flowers. They had a lot of exotic looking plants as well and some great landscaping. Even more interesting were the dozens (or [...]

Poo Paper Anyone?

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Yes, you read that sign correctly. “Poo Paper Sold Here”. And you thought you were saving trees by not using paper! Think again. The paper you are using could have started out as elephant poo.  All the more reason to go digital and save paper. I caught that sign while visiting the elephant orphanage in Sri [...]

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