Irani Pasta

In: Food, Kuwait

This is the weirdest looking pasta I’ve seen! Or it is Pista?

Sultan selling Egyptian Weed?

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

At first glance, these look like bags of weed. Saw them at the top of the rack at Sultan center. No! its not weed, this is Kuwait. They are bags of Egyptian Molokhiya.  “Molokhiya (or Melokhiya) is a vegetable native to Egypt, very popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions. It has also become very [...]

Home Made Sushi

In: Food

Seems there is a new delivery service for home-made Sushi in Kuwait [link]. I might try them one of these days. I haven’t had Japanese food in a while but was looking thru my photo archive and found these snaps of Sushi I prepared at home. It was about a year ago I think. All [...]

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