Android Virtual Devices

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A few months back I upgraded one of my experimental applications to work with touch devices like the iPad and iPhone. I’ve been in the mood to experiment some more with development for touch devices, in particular Android devices.  There are quite a few hardware devices out there, Galaxy Tab being the most popular …in [...]

Microsoft Surface in Kuwait

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After reading this, all you techies are gonna leave what you are doing and run to Souk Sharq to check this out. I just got back from lunch and playing with a “Surface”. This gadget is barely noticeable but its in opposite the complicate clock thingy in the center of Souk Sharq, a little black [...]

This is an amazing video. I think this should be the future of destination guides.  [Link] A website where everything is mapped and can be planned. An interactive “Microsoft surface” type touch screen table. And a huge wall to project Google Earth on for a 3d tour.

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