I had my yearly vehicle registration renewal recently and I was really impressed. After getting my paper work stamped at the test center, I headed over to the Traffic Department in Maidan Hawalli. It was crowded just like all other government offices but the atmosphere was so different … so friendly. I went over to [...]

Movable Speed Cameras

In: Kuwait

Saw this jeep parked on the pavement on my way to the airport today. Seems it’s a new speed camera and the Ministry has advertised all over it. There was a little red triangle sign marked with “Speed Camera Ahead” a few meters away too. Unlike the regular cameras, these can be moved easily and its [...]

Traffic Cameras in Chennai

In: Travel

Chennai seems to have installed traffic cameras at almost every traffic signal. I took this pic near the airport. Its a crooked pole (leaning against the fence) with 4 cameras installed. Quite a site to see! If you think people in Kuwait cross signals while they are Red, go to Chennai for a real shock. [...]

Transporting Boats in Kuwait

In: Kuwait

Well I know the photos are pretty dim. But the sun was in front of me and this is the best I got. Basically its a big boat on a trailer. I was quite shocked to see it on the highway and was very uncomfortable driving behind it. More so when we reached an overhead [...]

Racing into Kuwait City

In: Kuwait, Travel

Google Map I’ve been going up to Kuwait City every morning from Salmiya during various times ranging from 6.30 all the way to 12. Yes nice company, flexi timings. The traffic usually piles up near the 2nd ring road flyover but it could start all the way from the 5th ring road. I’ve tried various [...]

The future of transport in Arabia! Looks like these guys flicked a Sultan Center shopping cart Notice the camera snap when they reach the pedestrian crossing.

Crooked Building – Crooked Driver

In: Kuwait

This is what crooked buildings like the harma tower can do to drivers in Kuwait! I guess the lady driving that Volvo figured the Hamra tower looked “prettier” from that angle So much for those lane separators on all the roads.

Kuwait Police now Charging

In: Kuwait, News

Looks like the much talked about Chargers for the Kuwait Police are here finally. I like the slick lighting on the roofs.

Goa on a bike

In: Goa

Found this video on YouTube. Reminded me of when I used to roam around on the 2 wheeler around Goa.

5sec Distance is a Must

In: Fun Times, Kuwait

Since when did we start measuring distance in seconds!!! Check out the sticker on this bus. You need to be about 1 sec behind it to read the tiny print. And what does this 5 sec represent? 5 seconds to crash into it?

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