Inspite of Sabre trimming down their MySabre interface, a lot of people still prefer to use a terminal only type POS. I’ve now added the lean Sabre POS terminal to the Agent Tools utility. You can access it by clicking on the Sabre POS menu link.

Agent Tools Update

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There has been a great response to my Itinerary Editor on TravTools [link] and the requests for updates keep coming in. I’ve just updated the site with two new features: 1) The Itinerary Edit History. On login you will be presented with your recent most Itinerary edits! You may use the “Show More” link to [...]

Since the launch of Agent Tools [link] a few days back, a majority of the feedback received was to change the format of the Itinerary and ETickets. Well, its done now! It’s now got a cleaner look and agents seemed thrilled with it. A big thanks to all the agents in Kuwait and Dubai for [...]

The beta version of TravTools’ Agent Tools is finally up. [link] The only tool available right now is the itinerary and E-Ticket viewer for Sabre PNRs. This tool is a great replacement for Sabre’s VirtuallyThere. One of the key problems most of the Middle East travel agents face is the lack of a decent itinerary [...]

  Over the last few years we have seen some major changes to the travel industry. The arrival of numerous low cost carriers has given state carriers a run for their money. Its also made air travel more affordable for the middle to low income groups. With the discontinuation of commisions to travel agencies, most [...]

Here is my first poll. With all these options to book online its amazing to find Travel Agencies offering cheaper fares than those found online. Most of the big travel agencies get special discounted rates from airlines. Even if its just a matter of saving 20KD on your trip, its still fun to know you [...]

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