29 Year Old with 21 Children!!!

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Thats a lotta mouths to feed!

73yr Old Break-Dancer!!!

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I can’t believe this guy is for real. This is from Britain’s Got Talent. Fred Bowers is 73 years old and can break dance!!! He could definitely excite the Queen!

Kuwait Police now Charging

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Looks like the much talked about Chargers for the Kuwait Police are here finally. I like the slick lighting on the roofs.

Indian Names

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Indian names can be fairly difficult for most non-Indians to pronounce or remember. I came across this video which shows how easy it is for Indians to pronounce Western names.  ;)

Simon’s Sister’s Dog

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Thanks Jayne for this link. Simon’s Sister’s Dog has got his eye on one thing, and one thing only – food! And he doesn’t stop until he’s devoured every tit bit and scrap of dropped food from the Christmas dinner table and has reached bursting point. [Link]

Elevator Parking in Kuwait

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Caught this on youtube. Anyone know where this place is?

Pofak Painting

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That is some skill. Thanks Surekha for the link.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom presents the “Visionary Award” to Queen Rania of Jordan. A remarkable woman. Check out her 10 ten reasons. You just gotta love her for her sense of humour.

GMail Video Chat

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Google has released video chat [Link]. This is real cool. I’ve been using GMail and GoogleTalk since the last few months and I like it. Its simple and it works. This should come in real handy.

Simons Cat

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Came across this on the net. Its a bit long but you must watch it all the way till the end. Very funny! Now I know why my wife doesn’t like cats. Some more below.

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