VMWare Infrastructure is Great!

In: Technology

I have a few physical Linux servers (or rather hi-spec desktops) at work and its high time I move them into a virtual environment. Although the company is moving to an all Microsoft Environment I’ve decided to try out VMWare Infrastructure since the VMWare client has always been my favorite for running virtual linux test [...]

VM Express – Update Error

In: Technology

Here is a quick workaround to get your VM Express player up and running. Seems it tries to connect to the Internet for updates every time you open it. Now if there is a problem downloading that update, you will see the error above. Just disable your network card before you open the player and [...]

Recently I got the chance to evaluate Microsoft Dynamics. The demo toolkit however was delivered using the VM Express technology from Prowess [link]. In short, VM Express provides the framework and mechanism for deploying virtual machines. It also has options to deliver other content including documentation, videos, etc. Its a pretty neat concept. A nice [...]

First Hologram on CNN

In: Movies & TV, Technology

This is just awesome… Star Trek comes alive!!! Hope this gets more practical real soon. Then we can have really cool “virtual” meetings.

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