Extending Your VMWare Disk

In: Technology

I was downloading a ton of files on one of my virtual machines when I noticed that it started to run out of disk space. Now this was the first time I had this issue with a virtual machine so I did a little digging on google. The solution is pretty easy but its a [...]

Windows XP Fundamentals

In: Technology

Till yesterday, I had no idea this software existed. And neither did our Volume License administrator. And not even the Microsoft partners. I was planning to blog about the E-learning courses from Microsoft when I checked for some info on Wikipedia and came across this software which all volume licensing customers have access to. Windows Fundamentals [...]

EasyVMX 2.0

In: Technology

I recently setup a Linux VMWare image to run as a separate host only machine. However, while working on it I realised that I needed to copy some files over and couldn’t find the USB option on VMPlayer. That would mean a manual VMX edit. But who remembers all those settings. While looking up the [...]

VMWare Converter

In: Technology

I’ve been looking for a way to convert my physical linux machines to virtual ones. I’ve also been looking to convert Microsoft Virtual PC images to VMWare images. I came across VMWare Converter which does exactly that. However to convert Linux machines you need to have one of the VMWare infrastructure products. Its a fairly [...]

VMWare Infrastructure is Great!

In: Technology

I have a few physical Linux servers (or rather hi-spec desktops) at work and its high time I move them into a virtual environment. Although the company is moving to an all Microsoft Environment I’ve decided to try out VMWare Infrastructure since the VMWare client has always been my favorite for running virtual linux test [...]

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