FastFlip on GoogleLabs

In: Technology

I like this FastFlip tool a lot. Its got a great dashboard and its incredibly fast. This would be great a blog reader.

Browser UI

In: Technology

The maximize button is my friend. Toolbars are my enemies. That’s the summary from this interesting article on Cnet which compares UI features in browsers. [link] I have to agree with them. I don’t like having any toolbars including that bookmarks toolbar visible all the time! I believe that browsers, as an application, should be invisible [...]

Last Day at SWITCH

In: Work

Today marks my last day of work at SWITCH as Manager Web Development. Too bad management didn’t want to continue in software development. It was fun while it lasted! Its onto newer challenges now. Lets see where my new role in a new company takes me. I took this pic of my workspace while trying [...]

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