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The Bureaucrat is a brilliant political satire by Rahul da Cunha. Ro and I got a chance to see the play a few days ago. It was organized by Al Mulla and took place at the American International School. This is the second play I got to see after “Class of 84″ a few months ago. [...]

I was reading about Motion Induced Blindness today on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website. It’s interesting and scary at the same time. Basically, when you drive at high speeds with no distractions (staying focused on the road ahead), you automatically go blind to other objects around you. In some cases, you may not see cars approaching [...]

A Foldable City Car

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When I came across the term “foldable car”, I was very intrigued. So I had to know more. Hiriko is a great little MIT pilot project which started in Spain. The aim is to build a bunch of tiny foldable electric cars which can shrink to a smaller size when parking (about half the length [...]

The Voice – Anthony vs Jesse

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The Voice – Season 2 is on and this epic battle round between Anthony Evans &  Jesse Campbell is my all time favorite. I could probably keep watching this all day long.

For a while now, Ro has been claiming that I snore while sleeping. Well, maybe I do … a little. Anyway, recently I decided to pick up these nasal strips and give it a try. The strips are like a band-aid which go over the nose. In principal it just keeps the nasal passage open [...]

Solar Bottle Lights

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I came across this link and video on Solar Bottle Lights. It’s just amazing what you can do with an empty pet bottle and some creativity! Good job Filipinos. Wonder if they will start using this in India too. A lot of villages don’t have electricity, but they do get a lot of pepsi & [...]

I came across an interesting post today on Right hand vs Left hand traffic in the world. Then found some even more interesting info on Wikipedia. Seems some 66% of the world drives on the right hand side like us here in Kuwait and the remaining drive on the left hand side like in India. [...]

The Healthy Office Space

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My company moved office recently to Dajeej. I know, your thinking ‘Dajeej’ and laughing real hard. Yes, it’s nothing like the city but supposedly the rent is 10 times cheaper which means the company will save a bundle and hand out big bonuses this year …hopefully! Anyway, my new office/desk space sucks! It’s very depressing. [...]

Door Mats are for Ads?

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This is what I’m welcomed to almost everyday when I open my door. Ads for special offers, ads for sales, restaurant menus, cargo companies, private tutions and other crap I’m never interested in. Sometimes it gets so  cluttered that no one see the door mat below all these ads. This is a real pain mainly [...]

Another Big Fire in Dajeej

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Saw a huge plume of black smoke near the Sultan Wholesale Center in Dajeej today morning. It seems to be the carpet warehouse next door. Lots of fire trucks and some ambulances around the place. Hope no one was injured. These big fires seem to be a common sight in Dajeej. Seems a lot of companies (including [...]

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