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Italian Rickshaws

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Yep, that’s what they are called. Italian electric Pasquali Rickshaws. “Riscio Elettrico Pasquali”. We saw them all over Rome and Florence. Real tiny 3- wheeler cars. An they park alongside the bikes and scooters and hook up to charging stations around the city. These cars would do great in a market like India. Don’t think [...]

No Smoking – Be Happy

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We came upon this odd looking tent like structure while we were walking around Bologna. The entrance was shaped like a cigarette so initially I thought they were advertising for some new cigarette. Seems its a campaign against smoking. Their slogan is No Smoking – Be Happy. Catchy-ish. Here is the translated version of the site. [...]

Plastic Building

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A company in Taiwan has managed to build a huge exhibition center almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Check out the video.

Sad Palm Tree

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Can anyone guess where this is?

Hand Sanitizers at Sheraton

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I noticed this at the Sheraton just as I was leaving the restaurant. In all hotels these hand sanitizers are mostly found in the  washrooms. This is the first time I’ve seen a starred hotel display it in a public seating spot. It did seem out of place here but I think its a very caring [...]

Qatar Airways – Full of Gas

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Qatar airways has successfully tested a flight on Gas instead of the regular aviation fuel. This sounds like great news. I think all airlines should look at cleaner fuels and it would probably drop the cost of flying substantially in the near future. “A Qatar Airways aircraft completed the world’s first commercial passenger flight powered [...]

“Anna Dornhaus, a University of Arizona researcher, painted ants different colors to study them. Great differences were found in the speed of ants’ work, and about 50 percent were found to do no work.” [link] And you thought I was referring to humans? Looks like its about the same case with humans too. Perhaps the [...]

Natural Greenery in Kuwait!

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Looks like the recent rain has done a bit of magic in Kuwait. Can see these little green shrubs and weeds and whatnot trying to break through the concrete everywhere!

The Deira Walk

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Finally got around to sharing this map. If your staying in Dubai and want to explore the Deira area, this map comes in pretty handy. Its longer than it looks so wear comfy shoes and carry a bottle of water. Also don’t forget your camera. If your planning to enter the Gold Souk and buy [...]

Big, Bigger, Biggest

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Got this via email. Had to share it. Thanks Loreto. Its a more realistic view of how “big” our planet really is. Take a look at the first image above and feel proud. Can see Kuwait and Goa as pixels.  Now take a look at the images below. Its a real eye opener. And where did these [...]

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