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This is what the Dubai Festival City parking garage looks like. Not as large as Avenues perhaps, but look more closely at the picture above. Notice those little lights above the cars, they are all red. And the one above the empty spot, its green.  Now wouldn’t it be nice to have this in all [...]

Dubai Dolphinarium

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The Dubai Dolphinarium is a must visit when you are in Dubai. Its an amazing show with dophins and seals. The show starts with a lazer display and introductions. They the dolphins come in and perform a series of tricks, jumps, dances (yes they do dance in sync) and other funny stuff. If you pick [...]

Souk Sharq Donts

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Lets see if I understand these symbols correctly: 1) No marching with roller skates on and a muffler/shawl round your neck. 2) No threesomes. 3) No wolf/wild animal allowed in 4) Don’t use bicycles with two seats and no handlebar. 5) Don’t stand on the trolleys  6) No smoking. I must have got at least [...]

  Professor Alex Wissner-Gross, a physicist from Harvard, punched in a few numbers, posited a couple of suppositions and declared that two Google searches generate as much CO2 as boiling a kettle. You would, I hope, not expect me to spout the numbers at you, but apparently the fact that Google transmits every search inquiry [...]

This is how garbage is disposed of. All dumped into a large concrete bin and then set on fire. If you need to practice your smoke signals, get an oxygen mask along.

Fish Farming at Divar

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We visited this fish farm on the Divar island. New ponds are under construction in the background. I took a pic of this cross since it’s in a very prominent place overlooking the whole farm.

This is frightening news. People, we gotta do something quickly!!! Reminds me of a presentation from Al Gore – An Inconvenient Truth. Its a must watch. [Link]

Mini Nuclear Reactors

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When I read about this initially, I thought to myself, this is great. A lotta remote places in India (and i’m sure other countries too) have no electricity. Now come to think of it, how safe are these reactors? If it cracks or leaks or whatever then its big trouble for everyone!!! [Link]

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