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Hagen Dazs Chocolat Fondant

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We normally stock our fridge with 1L tubs of ice cream. The Hagen Dazs Secret Sections pack would be the only exception. The Chocolat Fondant flavor is probably the best ice cream out there! You gotta leave it standing on the table for like 10 mins after you take it out of the fridge. If [...]

Chocolate Printer Anyone?

In: Food, Technology

Came across this article through Bayt & Creativity Online. This could be the best ever invention of all time. Design your own chocolate and then print it. No more struggling with cones and other baking paraphernalia. I love the concept of 3d printers and using chocolate is just genius.

Cake Gaming

In: Food

I can see this becoming the most popular form of birthday cakes. Take your favorite cell phone game and make it into an interactive birthday cake. Playing with food will be a whole new game now.

Wrigley’s 5 in Kuwait

In: Food, Kuwait

I was quite surprised to see Wrigley’s 5 gum  at Sultan Center yesterday. They had all 5 original flavors in stock. I just had to grab my share. This is the first time I’ve seen it in Kuwait. It’s available mostly in the US or Europe and is one of the best chewing gums I’ve ever had. [...]

Kissletoe Anyone?

In: Food, Fun Times, Hobbies, Kuwait

Well, it all started while we popped into City Center Salmiya for some quick shopping. We came across this “Kissing Booth” setup just for Christmas. Outside the booth, I noticed this Christmas tree decorated in little Hershey’s Kisses ornaments. And then I thought, how great it would be to have a mistletoe made of these [...]

Kuwait Flour Mills Gets Certified

In: Food, Kuwait

Pickup a Kuwait Flour Mills loaf of bread these days and the first thing you will notice is the new “FSMS Certification” advertisement. Looks more like an ad for Bureau Veritas. Anyway, its good to know that good ol KFM is taking food safety seriously. Have been eating their breads since I can remember and [...]

Tall Cake For No Ribs @ Ruby’s

In: Food, Kuwait

So we were in the mood for ribs. And since Ruby Tuesday is our favorite “ribs” joint, off we went. After placing our order, they came back explaining that their ribs got over during the afternoon service and none were left for us. Not sure if it’s their policy or it was the sad face [...]

Banana Toffee?

In: Food, Reviews

What comes to your mind when you first look at this? I guess the chaps at China Kitchen are not keen on presentation.

Fake Cakes @ P. F. Changs

In: Food

Look at that tray of delicious mouth watering desserts in the background. Don’t you just wanna get up from your table and bite in. Well, if your dining at P. F. Changs, and you see that tray, don’t bite! The rascals leave this lying near your table till you start drooling and when you ask [...]

Cake Baking – Success

In: Food

It all started when Ro and I were walking down Geant’s  baking section at the 360 mall. There were some great offers on these “out of a box” cake products and one thing led to another and I ended up promising to bake a cake. So we came home with Betty Crocker’s Super Moist chocolate [...]

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