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Tomorrow’s Roti

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Picked up these rotis last night. The date on the bag read 15th June. But yesterday was 14th June. Maybe someone used a time machine to bring these back from the future! I wonder if this is general practice since I hadn’t noticed this before. Looks more like they are bullshitting the buyers. Then again the [...]

Beit Dickson – Salmiya

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This isn’t a food review. We were  passing by this place at mid-night when this fella dressed up in a tribal Arab uniform jumped in front of us and invited us in. The bait was free Kahwa (Arabian coffee). We just finish dinner so we decided to go in for some sweets and coffee. Unfortunately, [...]

KFC Out of Fries?

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Murtaza grabbed a KFC meal and joined us for lunch at Souk Sharq when we noticed that the chips were actually from Hardees. Looks like KFC ran out and borrowed from their neighbor. Both seem to belong to the same company in Kuwait but I don’t think KFC international would be happy to have a [...]

The Hummer Disco

In: Food, Kuwait

Well actually its disco lights mounted on a model Hummer. Saw this at Wildfire in Sharq. Its a pretty odd sight inside an Indian restaurant.

Kuwait Towers in Bahrain

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There is a restaurant in Bahrain, Al Abrajj (or something similar) whos logo is the Kuwait Towers. Wonder why! This photo didn’t come out too clear but you can still make out the logo. Its on this street near the Navy base. The street itself beats our “mataam” road in Salmiya with over a dozen [...]

US Dates …in Kuwait?

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“Imported exclusively for you” …really! Who would want to pay KD 6/- for US dates when the best of Kuwaiti and Saudi dates are available for less than KD 3/- Sometimes I wonder if these people at Sultan Center are just mad!

Meat Beast?

In: Food, Fun Times

I’m not sure why Burger King would call this a Meat Beast! It looks like any other regular burger. Only 1/6th of the sandwich is meat. Now if they replaced those sesame buns with meat patties, those lettuce leaves with some turkey cuts and squeezed in some sausages …that would be a meat beast.

Review: Taal – Indian Cuisine

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Ate at Taal recently with friends. Was planning to go there for a while now but it never happened. The place is richly decorated. Very posh Indian setup. Colorful bangles around the grills and beautiful custom-made chandeliers imported from Jaipur. The food was amazing too. The flavours were excellent and although we ordered spicy food, [...]

Review: Jade Garden

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I don’t know why I haven’t eaten here before! This is probably the best Chinese place in Kuwait. The decor inside is fantastic. Very Chinese with a lot of dragons and a lotta fish (swimming in big lit up tanks). I especially like the musical instrument above. Reminded me of Kung-Fu Hustle. This is also [...]

Review: Sabah Wa Masaa

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We were at the 360 mall, checking out the food court when we noticed this restaurant and decided to give it a go. Supposedly its one of Lebanon’s finest restaurants. The decor inside the restaurant is very nice. Its pretty spacious with large tables. The constant flow of water from their indoor waterfalls were a [...]

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