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Yeah! That’s how its served. All dishes in a big steel thingy and we all sit on them cushions on the floor. The place isn’t that fancy looking but it was highly recommended for authentic Omani food. Amazingly each family gets their own room to eat in. We kept the meal simple. We ordered a hommus, Marak [...]

Indian Delights is a relatively new eat-out in Salmiya. We noticed it a few times but all those lights hanging out put us off from entering every time we passed by! Not this time though since it was pretty late and we were terribly hungry. First off, I must say that the decor is incredible [...]

Casper & Gambini’s Lunch Box

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Just the day before I posted about a lunchbox I ordered. Today I ordered one from Casper and Gambinis. Its been a while since I ordered their lunch box meal and I must say they have improved the packing for one thing. It used to come in a big white box previously. The meal is [...]

A Lunch Box from LunchBox

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Since one of my collegues kept bragging about Lunch Box, I decided to try it out. They deliver pretty fast if you are in Sharq. The packing is great, attractive and the meal is tasty. However the quantity is very less. Looks like its for people on a diet! The lunch box comes with a [...]

Review: Pizza Express

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Its been a while since we ate at Pizza Express. In fact we had only eaten there once before when Amber introduced us to her favorite pizza place in Kuwait. Since we were at the Avenues and Ro was very hungry we decided to pop in for a quick meal. As usual the food court [...]

Irani Pasta

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This is the weirdest looking pasta I’ve seen! Or it is Pista?

Black or White

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Ro and I went out for dinner this friday with Bejoy and Pearl at Applebees. They were playing Michael Jackson numbers throughout or at least for most of the evening. After a great dinner Ro orderd this chocolate cake and ice cream mix for dessert and all I could think of was “Black or White”. [...]

Get Healthy Kuwait

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Saw a bunch of these posters by the Marina “bridge” so I decided to check out their site. [link] One major problem with this site is that it works well only in Firefox!!! The videos won’t play in IE and in Chrome you can’t navigate back to the home page. I have to say, that Kuwait [...]

Review: Mughal Mahal Salmiya

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It’s been a while since we ate at Mughal Mahal. And I can’t recall ever eating at their Salmiya branch. I guess the main reason would be that you can hardly see the sign board since there are 3 more prominent ones nearby and the entrance is at the back of the building! Anyway, we [...]

Review: Thai Chow King

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Both Ro and I were in the mood for some Thai so we decided to drive down to Reggai to our favorite Thai food restaurant. Among all restaurants we have eaten at in Kuwait, this has the most homely feel. The staff are extremely sweet and warm to you and the fish in that big [...]

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