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Review: Shanghai Express

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So you’ve been lugging 20 bags around the mall like a porter for your wife and the stomach is now blocking out all commands from the busy shopper. As you reach the food court the most prominent signboards are the Lebanse tree and Santoor. My stomach drags me towards a more Indianish Santoor but hold [...]

Michelle highly recommended Barbeque Nation so we decided to go out on a double date with her and Shyam. Its a very neat “Live-Grill” concept. We reached the restaurant around 7.30pm and were taken to our reserved table. We ordered our drinks and in a few mins one of the waiters came over, took away [...]

Review: Al Bustan Radisson

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So it was my birthday last week and my wife decided to treat me to a nice sea-food buffet. We went to Al Bustan at the Radisson in Salwa. It was a very pleasant dining experience. We were greeted by two very friendly staff at the entrace and shown our table. We started with some [...]

Review: Ruby Tuesday @ Avenues

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It was around 9.30 at night and Ro just got off (pretty late) from work. Now she was exhausted from working late and so was I from being made to unnecessarily slog at the office the whole day so we decided to eat out. The nearest place I could think of was the Avenues.  So [...]

The KDD Softee

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Note to self: Order this instead of lunch, not after lunch. I used to have a lot of KDD mixed softees (vanilla and chocolate) usually at their Shuwaikh outlet. Love that extra crunchy cone too. At their city outlet which is just next door, I’ve only been trying out the ice cream bars usually after [...]

Review: Oriental Restaurant

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  It was late and we were hungry so we decided to pick one of our favourite restaurants in Salmiya… Oriental. We eat there pretty often and its time I put a review up. There is usually a nice guy at the door with a big turban and an even bigger smile. They do have [...]

Review: Pizza Hut or Pasta Hut?

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We were shopping at Salmiya center when we decided to have dinner out. It was a long time since I ate at Pizza Hut so we decided to go there. First thing that stood out was the big PASTA advertising all over the palace. Seems this new menu was introduced about a month and half [...]

Review: Zaika – Bollywood Theme

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Took a wrong turn one day while returning home and we noticed Zaika. Its an Indian and Chinese restaurant. Decided to try it out. We went fairly early for dinner so the place was empty. First thing, they need to fix their front door! Other than that the decor was pretty nice. Its a total [...]

Ro was in the mood for some sea food and so we went cruising up the Gulf Road to see if anything caught our fancy. When we hit Kuwait Towers, we noticed the “Fish market”. I tried to eat there one afternoon a few months ago but for some reason they were closed. This time [...]

I gotta try this someday!

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