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The Papa John’s Recipie

In: Food, Kuwait

You just gotta love the Philipinos for sharing this.

Simran’s Aappa Kadai

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If you are in Dubai and in the mood for some great south Indian food, you must try out Simran’s Aappa Kadai. Tony and Tharani took us there for dinner. The place is in Karama opposite the Lulu Shopping Center. [Link] The food is great. I ordered a sweet Lassi in advance to cool down [...]

Pizza Rustica @ The Avenues

In: Food, Kuwait

This is one of the best pizza’s I’ve eaten. Since Ro and I were at The Avenues and I’d read about this new pizza place on Mark’s blog [link], we decided to give it a try.  The service was super. We wanted to eat on the balcony (if thats what you can call it) facing [...]

Home made Bread

In: Food, Goa, Kuwait

Ro made bread at home. Takes about 1.5 hour to make and it tastes way better than anything Kuwait Flour Mills has to offer Reminds me of the buns our Podere used to bring to the door in Goa.

Mini Thali & Mini Coffee

In: Food, Travel

Decided to try a mini-thali for breakfast while in Madras. Yummy! The amazing part is this mini coffee that you get. Its really small.

Viva-Panjim – Spicy!

In: Food, Goa

Mike took us for lunch today to Viva Panjim. It’s a nice little restaurant set in an old Portuguese style house. Very friendly service and great Goan food. It’s the first time I’ve tasted Fish Lollipops. I must say that their Pomfret curry rice was a tad bit spicy for me. The prawn and kingfish [...]

GM Diet – Day 7 – Verdict

In: Food

Its been a week of following the General Motors Diet. This diet works! 4 kgs lost in 7 days. And… I’m feeling lighter, stronger and more alert. I’ll recommend this diet to anyone who needs to lose a few but you need to have a lot of self control caz you can get real tempted [...]

GM Diet – Day 6

In: Food

Another day of beef but this time with more veggies. Quite filling. Getting very bored of this diet already!

Kudro’s Stingy Meal

In: Food, Kuwait

Was out with the chaps and we decided to have dinner at Marina. I had my GM Diet going on and wanted to stick to beef and tomatoes. I picked Kudro (great shawarmas) caz of their Shish Kebab meal… beef and tomatoes. I was glad when I saw the menu and ordered it. But when [...]

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