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I spotted this Al Mulla Exchange van at the entrance to City Center at Dajeej. At most other supermarkets you can find mobile ATMs to withdraw money for spending. This is the first time I’ve seen a mobile Money Exchange/Transfer unit. I guess they are encouraging you to send your money back home instead of [...]

Found a Key When I Read Manual

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When I took delivery of our SUV a few months ago, the chap at the showroom gave me such a thorough explanation of the car features that I didn’t bother reading the manual. He handed me the key-less keys and I just drove off. Recently, I decided to glance quickly through the manual and to [...]

Ferrari Trucks

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I was quite amused to see “Ferrari” written across the crane arm of this truck. I initially though the truck driver was just advertising for his favorite car! But after a little Googling, I came across the Italian company that exports those cranes. They are called Flli Ferrari and they sell these Ferrari cranes in various [...]


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DuoLingo is a neat concept. You get to learn a new language for free and participate in translating the web to that language. The application itself seems to be improving constantly with invites being the latest feature. I have a few to give out so send me your email addresses if you want in. I [...]

Ambassadors of Comedy

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Ro and I had a great time this weekend at the Ambassadors of Comedy show. We laughed so hard that at times our stomachs started to hurt! The show was organized very well. Nitin, Dean & Aaron were great. Nitin hit home with more Middle East material. Both the Americans had a balance of humor between American politics [...]

Please Don’t Park Here

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You can just tell how frustrated the guy who painted the sign must have been. Still he was polite enough to add a “please” in there! Actually, I’m not sure if the “For God Sake” was painted on much later!

The Falafel Song

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This is the first time I’ve come across this song. Its funny and has Kuwait mentioned in the lyrics. The lyrics are below. LYRICS: Everybody eat the falafel all the other food’s gonna topple everybody’s head’s gonna bobble when they put in their mouth falafel Hey baby, have I seen you around? maybe you’re not [...]

Arab Drifting inspired Music Video

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This MIA Bad Girls video was inspired by all those Arab drifting videos on YouTube. I like it. Especially the  skating bit. Maybe someone will shoot a similar video in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. I was there last week for some work on my car and local drifters were in action there. Seems they still drift there [...]

Are You a Certified Asshole?

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Well, good thing I’m not! I took this Asshole Rating Self-Exam test online and came up with a score of 3.  As funny as this test sounds, I think most companies should encourage all their staff to take this test yearly. It makes you think about how you behave and how people might perceive you to [...]

Pulled up this images from Wikipedia. It’s the human Circadian rhythm. Looks like the best time to work is around 10am in the morning and then between 2pm to 4pm. So probably about 4 hours a day. So now all your slackers who keep getting caught “wasting time” on Facebook and Youtube at the office [...]

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