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Guitar Oscillations

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This is a cool recording of the string oscillations from inside a guitar. Will try this on Ro’s guitar sometime this week. I wonder if we can record a similar oscillation effect from a piano. There would be a lot more strings involved.

What’s your Beard

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I came across this link with some interesting info on beards. So, what is your preference when it comes to facial hair… 1) The jungle of beard covering my face man 2) The baby face everyday clean shaven guy 3) The well trimmed and styled piece of beard somewhere on my face dude 4) I’ll [...]

Sitting Kills

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We all know that sitting at a 135 degree angle is the best position since it relieves the stress on your back. Well it seems that sitting more than 6 hours a day makes you 40% more likelier to die within 15 years than others who sit less than 3. Even if you exercise! This is [...]

YouTube Insights

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I came across this very interesting “Insights for Audience” section on YouTube. Basically it’s an interactive dashboard where you can query on gender, age, location and interests and then interactively drill down and play with the data. Very cool indeed. I guess its always good to know what other people like you are looking for [...]

I found this video on YouTube. Reminds me of the Jetsons. This is travel in 2121. I think most of this is possible in the next 5-10 years. Well almost at least, I doubt the bit with the Martians will happen anytime soon.

Poo Paper Anyone?

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Yes, you read that sign correctly. “Poo Paper Sold Here”. And you thought you were saving trees by not using paper! Think again. The paper you are using could have started out as elephant poo.  All the more reason to go digital and save paper. I caught that sign while visiting the elephant orphanage in Sri [...]

How to Use an Indian Toilet

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I just could not stop laughing after watching this video.

Parking Your Washing Machine

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Either this guy was pissed with people taking his parking spot or it was “bring your washing machine to work” day.

I’ve never used a BlackBerry device. So when I first saw this logo and number on the car I thought it was some company car marking. Seems its a BlackBerry Pin. It does make sense to have it over there at the back of the car. Just imagine you receive an IM on your BlackBerry while driving [...]

Searching for 2010

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I decided to search Google Images for “2010″ and all I got was a listing of cars. Looks like cars were the hottest thing in 2010. Odd huh! Happy New Year to All!

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