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Merry Christmas

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Wish you all and your loved ones a Merry Christmas filled with love, joy and peace.

Snickers In A Bottle

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So you have a whole bag of snickers. Which quickly turns to an empty bag and a table top full of snicker wrappers. What do you do? Stuff em into an empty water bottle and you have a great art piece on your table!

Package, Packege or Pacakge?

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Amazing, isn’t it! You want to sell your “Packages”. You prepare this fancy layout for your mailer and you get all the spellings correct except the spelling of your main product … the “Package” … three different spellings (well at least one was correct). And when you download the fancy PDF list of hotels, the [...]

Airplane Hit by Santa!

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Seems Santa wanted to delivery presents on board aircrafts this year. Ended up crashing into one. Looks like he’s going to need a new sleigh!

Kissletoe Anyone?

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Well, it all started while we popped into City Center Salmiya for some quick shopping. We came across this “Kissing Booth” setup just for Christmas. Outside the booth, I noticed this Christmas tree decorated in little Hershey’s Kisses ornaments. And then I thought, how great it would be to have a mistletoe made of these [...]

Ghost Busters Kuwait

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This “Ghost Busters” van was parked outside a garage in Sharq. Quite a site to see in Kuwait. Wonder if they get any business. The only haunted house I’ve heard of in Kuwait is one that existed along the 30 in Salmiya. Anyone care to share their ghostly experiences?

Storage for IT

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I had to check on one of our Linux servers the other day and since our server room is next to the store room I got a glance at the current state of our store room. Damn!!! That’s a lot of LCD monitors and desktops stacked all along the wall. Seems most of them are [...]

Theatre @ Home

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I just picked up a project this week for Ro. After using it for a few hours …it’s no longer for Ro. Watching movies at home is fantastic now. A 90″ screen compared to my existing 29″. I’ve gotta find a better wall to project on since the only spare wall we could find had [...]

Banta – for your Crooked House

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Came across this sofa piece at Banta the other day. I immediately thought of this poem and the pic below of some real crooked houses that could use furniture like this. There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile, He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile. He bought a crooked [...]

Supporting the Military

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This video was forwarded to IT from the head of our military division with a clear and simple message… “Support us 24/7 … or else.”

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