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Egyptian Superman in Kuwait

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A lot of people can’t believe that  Egyptian (and some Iranian) laborers are so strong. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the guy carrying these boxes caz he just ran with them on his back. But that stack of boxes probably weighs a ton, or at least half a ton. This moment reminded me of the [...]

Where Italians Grow their Trees

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Take a look at the pic above. Now take a look at the one below.

Back from my Eurotrip

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Yep, I’m back in town after a two week trip through Italy and France. Have a lot to post about after I manage to clear a ton of unread email from my personal inbox. The pic of the clock tower or rather tower of clocks was taken in Paris outside Saint Lazare. Looks cool.

Ghost playing the Piano at Fanar!

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Was at Fanar when we noticed this baby grand piano playing all on its own. Ghost? Invisible person? Well looks like the little gadget to the bottom right of the piano was doing all the magic… an auto-play function. Pop in the dvd and let it rip!

Mini Rape?

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Yep, that’s what this little cheese grater is called. French word for a grater?

Scary Carpet for Children

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Need to torture your children? Buy this carpet for them Firstly, all the characters are cockeyed, which is scary, even for adults. Secondly, they are all drawn crooked, which will most likely make your children cockeyed. And last but not least you have gotta love the well spaced and perfect spelled lettering (NOT). They will [...]

Safest Safe

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Take a close look at the dial on this safe. It’s covered in adhesive tape. That’s what happens when Indians want to keep something safe. The 10 ton safe in itself is not safe enough. 3 to 4 layers of adhesive tape applied over the dial is your safest bet against intruders Wonder if we’ll [...]

Eggs on a String – by the Crate

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Check out these eggs. All have strings attached. And are sold by the crate. And just in case you haven’t figured it out, they are plastic eggs being sold for Easter. The string is a nice idea and comes in handy for hanging them on display.

Well, its official. I’ve retired from FarmVille. Went from 0 to 70 in 1 month. A lot of people have asked me how? How did I manage to reach the “max level” so fast. Well, i’m going to share with ya’ll. While playing I maintained an excel sheet listing all the seeds with their prices [...]

Supersized Trick

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I just love this ad!

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