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Future of Personal Transport

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I gotta get me one of these. Maybe I’ll build one too!

Antarctic Adventure

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This was the first computer game I got addicted to back in 1985 with my first MSX computer. Found a MSX emulator for the N900 and immediately remembered this game. I found this video on YouTube with a funny documentary on the game.

Cadillac – Just Twist

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Alghanim has this twisted and bronzified Cadillac at their showroom. Most visitors paid more attention to this old beauty than the newer offerings. Its pretty cool to have these antiques around. I guess Alghanim can afford to with such a spacious showroom.

Electrozan Pizza Maker

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Electrozan is selling this gadget for KWD 40/-. The label says its a Pizza Maker. But the “HP” branded gadget looks like a printer/photocopier. Perhaps, it copies pizzas?

New Zain Ads by the Airport

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I like these new catchy “check list” ads by Zain at the airport. Hotel Booked Car Rented Cash Exchanged Roam with Zain Good to Go On the other hand, these ads make more sense only on the way to the airport, not on the way back from there. Most people would have already booked their [...]

Lost Keys?

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I wonder how often women try to clean out their purses! Ro called up in the afternoon wondering where she lost her keys (again)! Luckily before I got into the car to drive all the way home to let her in, she found them in one of the million compartments in her purse. When I [...]

QR Barcodes

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If you have a barcode scanning software on your cell phone, point the camera at the image above and click. Its actually a link to my blog. This is an amazing barcode. You can create you own at this link. The idea of this barcode is to have it on t-shirts, posters, magazine where people [...]

Bored at Home?

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At first glance this notice immediate caught our attention. I guess Ro and I only read the first 2 lines and came closer to read what this was all about. Nothing obscene unfortunately.

We Are the World – for Haiti

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25 years later and its as amazing as ever. This time its for Haiti.

Well its not everyday you can really camp or party in the Kuwaiti desert but the climate was great and we had tickets so off we went. The “Institution of Engineers (India)” organised this event at a camp in the Multa desert. First off, whoever printed those tickets needs to re-take that engineers exam. Directions [...]

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