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KFC Panini

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These KFC chaps have started wearing beige shirts to promote their new Panini. While I was at the counter some fellas got confused if they ordered from the right place and started arguing with the server. They wanted the cooks who were wearing red shirts to take their order. Shows how small change in shirts [...]

Sad Palm Tree

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Can anyone guess where this is?

Can this be true. Hummer is going eco-friendly and selling mean looking cycles!

Most Expensive Flight? Or Scam?

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Found this via PhocusWright. If you search on Kayak for a one-way Sydney to Los Angeles on 22-Sep-2010, you will see the most expensive one-way coach flight ever… KWD 1,400/-. If you try to book that flight, it gives you everything but a booking page! Give it a go. More airlines need to have a [...]

Carrefour Electronics Promotion

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The subject of this Carrefour newsletter read “Exciting Electronics Promotion up for grabs”. But when I opened the mail this is the image I saw. A box of oranges and detergent!!! So where do we plug in these?

IMAX & Avatar 3D

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Well it was on the to-do list and last week we finally got to check it out. Booked those tickets online and reached 1 hour early at 360 to grab a quick bite and check out the Gulf Run display. We picked seats right at the top so we wouldn’t have to deal with the [...]

Meat Beast?

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I’m not sure why Burger King would call this a Meat Beast! It looks like any other regular burger. Only 1/6th of the sandwich is meat. Now if they replaced those sesame buns with meat patties, those lettuce leaves with some turkey cuts and squeezed in some sausages …that would be a meat beast.

Bubble Wrap Calendar for 2010

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Most companies love to give out calendars as promo material. I think this bubble wrap calendar is a great idea. Its unique and its fun and for all you trigger happy people out there …you can punch through every day of the year in just a few mins.

Sabre on a 42″ Monitor

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This is the height of craziness. Running a command line application on a 42″ screen. Had to pull up Sabre during my demo today and this screen looked really odd compared to the extremely cramped and complicated interface of Dynamics AX.

The on-board entertainment system on Emirates is now showing Michale Jackson’s “This Is It”. Half way through the flight I took a peek around and whaddya know… everybody is watching the same video with the exception of 3 kids on the flight… all watching Nemo.

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