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Goan.name Updated

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After much delay I’ve finally upgraded Goan.name. Its got a host of new features now, looks better and it works. I gotta work on the UI a bit more when I get some free time. The best features are the decendancy and pedigree charts. Try them out.

Rave Parties in Goa

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In a sudden crackdown on beach-side rave parties Sunday night, the Goa police arrested four persons including a German and a Russian national. “We arrested a German and a Russian, who are notorious for holding such parties in the beach belt,” Mapusa Police Inspector C.L. Patil told IANS Monday. The rave parties were being organised [...]

Best Pic of the Trip

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Relaxing …365 days a year!

This is how garbage is disposed of. All dumped into a large concrete bin and then set on fire. If you need to practice your smoke signals, get an oxygen mask along.

Fish Farming at Divar

In: Environment, Goa

We visited this fish farm on the Divar island. New ponds are under construction in the background. I took a pic of this cross since it’s in a very prominent place overlooking the whole farm.

Guard Dog

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Or is it? Took this pic in Panjim. This mutt was just staring at me. Do I look like some terrorist when I’m unshaven? Love the brightly painted house.

Massage with a View

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Our pet dog enjoys his frequent massages. Ro took this pic of my brother and myself were giving “shorty” his back massage while he gazes out the main door.

Damian de Goa Christmas Decor

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This is truly the best decorated place in the whole of Goa. Every year a new decoration during Christmas time. This year we had the Von Trapp Family (Sound of Music) by the Crib on the first floor and Snow White with the 7 dwarfs all dressed as Santas on the ground floor. If you [...]

Casinos Galore

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I was quite amazed this time to see 5 floating casinos on the Mandovi river. One is even called “Casino Royale”! There are a bunch of them on land too.  The last I recall there was just one floating casino and another one on land. It’s also nice to see all the new yachts and [...]

Viva-Panjim – Spicy!

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Mike took us for lunch today to Viva Panjim. It’s a nice little restaurant set in an old Portuguese style house. Very friendly service and great Goan food. It’s the first time I’ve tasted Fish Lollipops. I must say that their Pomfret curry rice was a tad bit spicy for me. The prawn and kingfish [...]

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