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Goa’s New Airport

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Goa is getting a new airport. Found this video on YouTube. Mopa airport, planned in the northermost border of Goa, had met stringent opposition by the South Goa politicians including then Member of Parliament and current state minister Churchill Alemao. Anti-MOPA lobby feared that the new airport will benefit neighbouring Maharashtra more than Goa. The [...]

Christmas Ball

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We had a smashing time last night. About 30 of us went for the Britto’s Christmas Ball at Alva-Mar in Parra. We danced from 9pm last night to 3am today to the tunes of two live bands. Lots of jiving, cha cha cha and even some line dancing. Feet are still sore. It was great [...]

Merry Christmas Everybody

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Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Goa – the land where 365 days a year are a holiday and the parties never stop. … and NO! That’s not me riding an elephant in a Santa suit!

Back in Goa!

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I’m back in Goa. Yippee!!! Was a long flight via Dubai & Colombo. Next time, I’ll book well in advance. This is my second trip on Sri Lankan airways and its still great, double the price on the ticket but excellent service. A 747 loaded with eager German tourists landed just before us so we [...]

Goa’s Feni may get GI tag

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Like Scotch whisky from Scotland, champagne from France and Tequila from Mexico, Feni will soon become India’s own drink from Goa. If everything goes well, it will not be long before Feni is assigned a Geographical Indication (GI) Certificate. The implication of a GIC for Feni is simple: Only Goa can make Feni. The GI [...]

IFFI 2008 Kicks Off in Goa

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IFFI 2008 has started in Goa. Its gonna be a week of fun fun fun in sun sun sun!!! And I’m not gonna be there to enjoy it

IFFI Goa 2008

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Preparations are in full swing for the 39th International Film Festival of India scheduled from 22nd November to 2nd December in Panaji.

Harassment of Goan maids in Kuwait

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This isn’t something new. We’ve heard it time and again. What I never understood is whether its a cultural thing with a lot of Kuwaitis or just all that money going to the head. Don’t get me wrong, its not all Kuwaitis. I know a bunch of Kuwaitis who are very civilized and down to [...]

Revamping Goan.Name

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I’ve had this site running for a while. It gets a lotta visitors and eats a ton of bandwidth. Seems to be pretty popular with Goan in the UK and States. I need to revamp this site one of these days, mostly the design I guess. Maybe some ads too. I have to add a [...]

The Artful Dodger

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This is the first creative type of photo I shot. This cat used to sneak into our garage to escape the hot and humid Goan climate. And leave muddy paw prints on our cars. It was one of the very few creatures that managed to dodge our dog’s attention (and jaws). I thought of the [...]

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